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The Schwings Band feat. Migloko | Lithuania

Remigijus Rančys – sax, melodeon,

Richardas Banys – piano

Denis Murašov – double bass

Gediminas Augustaitis – drums

The Schwings Band made it’s name as the only group n Lithuania which has authentic sound early and gipsy jazz. Of course this were not the only music they are playing, many unexpected stage partners joined their projects. Druskininkai Jazz is no exception. Band’s direct connection with audience and warm simplicity goes along with their virtuosic music. Group leader Remigijus Rančys – one of the most productive musicians of Lithuanian stage, his creative range is from solo to the ensembles as Vilnius Jazz Orchestra.


Migloko is the stage name with no frames and boarders. It is rather philosophy, phenomenon. Behind this stage name young artist from Vilnius is hiding, recently she is living and creating in Netherlands. Migloko juggles with various genres instantaneously. She is also expressing herself in contemporary dance, painting, script writing. According to Migloko everything flows from her wide artistic heart. 

Shinkarenko Jazz 4N feat. Neda Lithuania


Neda Malunavičiūtė – vocals

Jan Maksimovič – saxes

Vytautas Labutis – saxes

Leonidas Šinkarenka – bass

Arvydas Joffė – drums

You won’t find jazz music fan in Lithuania who have not heard about these four jazz artists. If even imaginary we would put their discography, concert map, project in one place it could be read as encyclopedia of Lithuanian Jazz. Every musician individualy is ambassador of national jazz scene their music are welcome in any jazz festival.

Shinkarenko Jazz 4N uses former Lithuanian Jazz Trio as a fundament. More than decade trio members worked separately but this time dimension was no barrier for reunion. Leonidas Šinkarenka, Vytautas Labutis, Arvydas Joffė invited sax player of younger generation Jan Maksimovič to join. New about project spreaded quickly, several festivals included the group to the programe. In this reunion we won‘t hear nostalgic sound of the past every member brings his own pulsation of present time.

Also after a long time other important guest has joined the quartet, vocalist Neda Malunavičiūtė. This spontanic reunion was inspired by the tour. Maybe it will evolve to constant coloboration. Neda requires no special presentation. Since her debute almost thirty years ago, she is authority of Lithuanian scene. 

Zodiak Trio German

John-Dennis Renken – trumpet, electronics

Andreas Wahl – guitar

Bernd Oezsevim – drums

John-Dennis Renken brought with this electro-acoustic trio a formation into being, where the most different musical worlds meet. Lyric-elegiac sound cascades meet rock grooves and drum'n bass rhythms, incisive themes contrast with powerful solos. Absurd contrasts work in a natural way and merge into an egregious oneness. These three musicians have searched and found themselves in this band. Over and over again the all connecting, spontaneous element stands in the centre: the improvisation!

Among the latest successes are e.g. the collaboration with the WDR BIG BAND where the music of the ZODIAK TRIO was played by the WDR BIG BAND and John-Dennis Renken and Andreas Wahl were featured soloists. They've been awarded the 2nd price at the „'New German Jazz Award“ 2011, as well as the 1st price at the „Jazz Award Ruhr“ 2011, the „jazzwerkruhr“ award 2007 and the „Jazz Bremen“ award 2007.


Furthermore they played countless concerts in Germany, Europe and the world, e.g. at the „Ciclo De Jazz“ in Caracas, Venezuela, at the „Traumzeit Festival“ Duisburg, Germany, the „Klara Festival“ Brussels, Belgium the „Trytone Festival“ Amsterdam, Netherlands and the world's largest trade fair for jazz, the jazzahead 2009 and 2013.

CinAmono 5 Lithuania

Laura Budreckyte – vocals

Dovydas Stalmokas – sax

Jūris Benaitis – guitar

Vytis Nivinskas – double bass

Darius Rudis – drums

Duo of two Lithuanian jazz musicians Laura Budreckyte and Vytis Nivinskas is well known for jazz fans in Lithuania wrapped into CinAmono name. For the festival they decided to make quintet extension. Along with Vytis and Laura we will hear uncompromising sax player Dovydas Stalmokas, guitar player Jūris Benaitis, very productive drummer Darius Rudis. 


Quintet will present the programme composed from author compositions, arranged jazz classics, delicate ballades but also will swing with sharp be-bop and blues.

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